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Monitoring Benerator

You can monitor Benerator using a JMX client, for example, JConsole.

The following properties can be monitored:

Property Description
TotalGenerationCount The total number of generated data sets
CurrentThroughput The number of data sets generated per second
OpenConnectionCount The number of currently open database connections
OpenResultSetCount The number of currently open database query result sets
OpenStatementCount The number of currently open database statements
OpenPreparedStatementCount The number of currently open prepared database statements

The first two properties, TotalGenerationCount and CurrentThroughput, are used for Benerator performance monitoring and optimization. If you suspect Benerator to be 'hanging', first check its CurrentThroughput.

The last four properties (Open...) for database resource monitoring and database resource leak detection.

Monitoring with JConsole

  1. Start JConsole on the command line

  2. Select a process

  3. Choose the MBeans tab

  4. In the left tree view, select

  5. benerator – monitor – Attributes

  6. Select the attribute TotalGenerationCount or CurrentThroughput and the value is displayed on the right

  7. Double-clicking the number opens a chart that displays the value's evolution over time

Remote monitoring

For monitoring Benerator execution from a remote machine, you need to set some BENERATOR_OPTS. Here are only the simplest and basic settings.

Warning: The settings described here do not provide any security and thus are recommended only for evaluation! If you do want to monitor a sensitive system in a remote manner, you need to apply security settings as described in!

These are server-side settings and are independent of the client you are using:

Option Description Enable remote access Configures the port for remote access Enables anonymous and unsecure access (not recommended)